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Managed AR Teams
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AR Optimisation & Marketing
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By 2020 the global market for Augmented Reality apps in healthcare will be worth $1.5 billion. AR apps in healthcare has far reaching ramifications that will revolutionise the medical sector; ranging from real-time assistance during complicated surgical procedures, to aftercare, we've only just started to explore the limitless capabilities of AR within healthcare.
Financial Services
Augmented Reality will have far reaching implications for banks and insurance companies, who will need to think about adopting the technology early. All financial institutions need to have a strong creative capability to apply augmented reality concepts to customer-centric apps and services, whereby prototypes should be tested prior to launch.
AR technologies are being used in order to drive process efficiencies at every stage of the engineering and design process. AR can remove the requirement for physical manuals and outdated paper based processes by overlaying process, steps, component structure, assembly examples and quality control data onto real-world physical objects.