What Happens When Augmented Reality is Everywhere?

Stuart Pettie/ June 2, 2017

Information Spaces Location-Based Augmented Reality Networks Introduction One of the core concepts of Augmented Reality is about giving users the opportunity to have contextual digital information displayed over the real world – where information relating to physical elements can be positioned with it in physical space. This idea of intrinsically tying together physical and virtual space is a very exciting

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How Augmented Reality is Transforming Oil and Gas

Robert McGrath/ May 31, 2017

What is Augmented Reality (AR)? First off let’s make sure that we all understand what is meant by the term Augmented Reality.  In the simplest terms Augmented Reality is a bridge between an object in the physical world and information about that object.  That ‘bridge’ is digital.  For example, simply gazing at an hydraulic pump and being presented with data

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The 12 Best Augmented Reality App Development Platforms

Robert McGrath/ February 10, 2017

If you’re a CTO or software development manager tasked with spearheading an Augmented Reality (AR) app development initiative, it’s sometimes difficult knowing where to start. Understanding the AR landscape can be complex and occasionally confusing as key players will offer a range of services, products and options for publishing AR content across multiple devices. Today we’re focusing on the 12

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How to develop an Augmented Reality App in 5 easy steps

Robert McGrath/ February 7, 2017

If you’re looking to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) app, or extend the functionality of a mobile software offering, before you get started there’s a tonne of stuff you need to consider. The truth is, there are many ways in which to approach the design and development of an AR app and the best approach will always depend on the

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What is the difference between Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality?

Paul Walton/ January 31, 2017

At the dawn of humanity there was only one reality. The physical world you could point at and interact with. That ended with the first abstract thought. Early men recorded information in petroglyphs on cave walls, communicating that information. The drawings were physical but the information they conveyed was intangible. This abstract world was pervasive. We have records of information

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The future of Augmented Reality app development

Paul Walton/ January 24, 2017

Back in 1970 computing was a very different place. It was the realm of the engineer and mathematician. And this was a problem as they were rarely the people who needed to control the computer’s actual tasks. Alan Kay at Xerox PARC introduced the idea of a desktop metaphor, a level of indirection where blocks of computer storage could be

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