Two people viewing vehicle data with the HoloLens

“Augnite is supporting Superglass to explore the huge possibilities around capturing real time process control and equipment monitoring through an AR solution. Working in direct collaboration with our scrum teams, Augnite Ltd will deliver a world class augmented reality app that enables us to control quality and reduce costs”

Mark Atherton, Operations Director

Dundee Cell Products (DCP)

“Technological innovation is crucial to our work in life sciences. Augnite Ltd is currently leading DCP Biosciences through a ground breaking feasibility study for visualisation of proteomics data output from mass spectrometer. It will revolutionise the study of proteins within drug discovery. In doing so it will established DCP Biosciences as a market leader, helping us attract new customers and grow sales revenue ”

Dr Frank Rao, Chief Scientific Officer

using HoloLens gesture commands with Mindcraft

Agra Precision Engineering

Viewing 3D models with the HoloLens

“When we started looking for an AR agency, Augnite quickly became the obvious choice based on their track record and expertise. The AR technology we’re developing with Augnite enables us to visualise our precision engineering data in an entirely new way and it’s something our staff and customers have adopted in a short timeframe.”

Jonathan Fyda, Director