Privacy Policy

Augnite Privacy Policy

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What is a cookie?

These days most professional websites will use cookies. Cookies are minute files that can be downloaded to your device in order to enhance your web browsing experience. This page has been designed in order to explain what information cookies acquire, how that information is used and why it’s occasionally important to store cookies. This page will also outline how you can stop cookies from being stored to your device and explain the ramifications doing so in terms of downgrading the functionality of the website. You can find more information on cookies you can view the Wikipedia article on HTTP cookies.

How cookies are used

Cookies can be used in a number of different ways. At present there is no industry standard in terms of being able to disable cookies without also completely disabling the features and functionality that they bring to the web browsing experience. It’s suggested that in order to enjoy an optimal web browsing experience that cookies should be enabled. This website provides the ability to subscribe to the Augnite newsletter and mailing list and cookies may be used to recall if you have already subscribed and whether to display specific notifications that may only be relevant to users who have either subscribed or unsubscribed from the list. Cookies can sometimes be used to track usage indicators such as how long you spend on the site and the specific web pages that you consume in order to enable us to create more engaging site content.

How to disable cookies

The process to disable cookies is very straightforward and can be done by adjusting the settings associated with your web browser. Just be aware that disabling cookies will influence the functionality associated with the Augnite website and other websites that you visit. Again it’s recommended that in order to enjoy the best possible web browsing experience that cookies are not disabled. If you submit information through the Augnite contact form cookies may be activated in order to remember your details for future reference.

Third party cookies

In certain situations Augnite will use cookies that have been provided by trusted affiliates and third parties. This page will outline which third party cookies you might experience when using the website. The Augnite website utilises Google Analytics which is a globally trusted and renowned analytics solution on the web which enables us to understand how the website is used in order to provide a better experience.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.