Augmented Reality App Development Projects

Developing an AR app could be the smartest thing your company ever does. Here at Augnite we’ve assembled a team of the country's most talented designers, engineers, developers, project managers and marketers to deploy high performance AR apps for blue chip brands and businesses.

Managed AR Teams

Injecting the right AR capability into your organisation can seem like a daunting process. Here at Augnite we specialise in deploying highly skilled teams of AR experts directly into your organisation in a seamless and cost effective manner.

Two people viewing vehicle data with the HoloLens

Augmented Reality App Optimisation and Marketing

Image browsing with the HoloLens interface

Designing and developing an augmented reality app is really just the first phase in your AR journey. The key to success in AR is optimising your software offering in a live, real-world environment based on real-time user feedback and qualitative data. Here at Augnite we employ a team of dedicated marketers and optimisers to nurture your AR app success post launch.