Two people viewing vehicle data with the HoloLens

Augmented Reality is having a seismic impact on the healthcare sector. It's estimated that in the next three years the market for AR in healthcare will be worth over $5 billion. From handheld scanners that illuminate the veins in a patients skin, to technology that enables doctors and nurses to accurately pinpoint the location of a required injection, AR is having a hugely transformative impact on the global healthcare industry as a whole. If you're a healthcare provider interested in the application of AR, contact us today to discuss your project.

Financial Services

Using HoloLens to project Augmented Reality workstation

Goldman Sachs estimate that Augmented Reality in the banking sector will represent an $80 billion market opportunity by the year 2025.  Traders at Citibank have already started testing Microsoft Hololens as a virtual workstation that incorporates both 2D and 3D data visualisation to augment the bank's existing workflows and devices to provide real-time data on trading software, news terminals and much more.


Two people viewing vehicle data with the HoloLens

Augmented Reality can be used in order to drive process efficiencies at virtually every stage of the design and manufacturing process. From ideation, to design, development, testing, manufacturing and launch, AR enables engineers to visualise specific concepts and alternatives as they would appear in the real world. AR can remove the requirement for physical manuals and outdated paper based processes by overlaying process, steps, component structure, assembly examples and quality control data onto real-world physical objects.