Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality provides an indirect perspective of a real-world scenario or environment and that can be enhanced through digital technology. AR is now being adopted by some of the worlds biggest and most innovative companies to engage existing and new customers, boost revenue streams, cut costs, and dramatically improve internal business processes. We believe that Augmented Reality technology should be used to drive genuine business results and performance efficiency for our clients.

Image browsing with the HoloLens interface

Mixed Reality (MR)

The world around is us changing constantly. Similar to AR, Mixed Reality represents a combination of real world objects and computer generated images, whereby both virtual and real life objects are blended seamlessly together. Innovative companies are now harnessing the incredible capability of Mixed Realty app development to deliver highly immersive and engaging customer experiences that drive genuine business results.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality provides a fully immersive digital experience for users equipped with a special headset or smart glasses. When using VR, computer generated objects will change their size and position in relation to the users perspective within the virtual world. Unlike AR and MR, VR provides the user with the sensation that they're being transported into an entirely virtual environment with no sense of the real world around them.

Virtual Reality headset with image overlays